Max Video Length : 2 mins


Always give the audience something to take home.
Pause for Ten Seconds, the audience naturally assumes the pause was intentional...and that you're a confident and accomplished speaker.
Don't ever read your slides, your slides should accentuate your points.
Focus on earning attention, it's your job to make your audience want to listen.
Share a genuinely emotional story, let your emotions show.
Share one thing no one knows, find a surprising fact or an unusual analogy that relates to your topic.
When you fail to make eye contact with your listeners, you look less authoritative, less believable, and less confident.
Watch yourself. People can tell you that you wander the stage, over-gesture, slouch, have an incessantly grim facial expression or use a grim facial expression or use a repetitive speech pattern, but once you see it on tape, it will be much easier for you to grasp and change.
Avoid sameness. If you follow the same cadence, vocal rhythm, pitch, tone and gesture patterns throughout your presentation, your audience will tune you out. You need to change it up; keep enough variety in your delivery so it holds the audience's interest.
Message your body. A warm, easy smile and calm body immediately tell the audience that you're comfortable and confident. And when the speaker is comfortable, the audience is, too.
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