What is RocSpeak?

RocSpeak is a platform that allows you to record your speech on the browser and receive automated feedback on many aspects. In addition, you may share your video to receive personal feedback. Our algorithms will compile the personal feedback you have received with the automated features. To learn more, please read, you can read about our paper here.

How do I give feedback to others?

On the feedbackpage, click the button below the video. You will receive a link that can be given to someone else to rate your performance.

Analysis is stuck at loading at 83%, what do I do?

Check if your microphone was enabled or if your internet connection is stable. Please try again at a different time if the problem persists, server may be under heavy traffic.

What is a passcode? How do I get one.

Type in the email and a passcode will be sent to you. The passcode is one time use and will expire in 24 hours.

Why can't I get a passcode?

To prevent our system from crashing, we have placed restrictions on recording. There are a limited of amount of passes issued per day, you have either already issued a pass in the past 24 hours or there are no more passcodes for the day, you will need to wait til the next day. We apologize for the inconvenience.